Pawprints in my Heart

My thoughts are with you always,

Regardless of how far you have physically gone;

No matter that more than seven years have passed since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

I love you! I miss you! But, above all else, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful times we shared, and for all the lessons you left us!

Not a person went by who was not touched by your presence.

All of you, fluffy loves of my heart, have left strong imprints of your paw-sitive path in our lives!

God bless you today & always!

May 2019


Why «Wonderlust»?

«Wisdom begins in Wonder»

~ Socrates

Wonderlust ? No, it is not a typo, this blog really will highlight the animals, places, situations and experiences that have enriched my life and made me wonder at the magnificence and beauty of our Mother Earth. For long I have believed that if we attune our senses and open our hearts and minds to the wonders of God´s Creation, we can find Heaven on Earth!

When you notice the details, big or small, and the blessings that surround you, your focus switches to the positive and upbeat. Always remember to be grateful, since gratitude is the greatest step in our path of awareness and fulfillment. A light-filled and grateful heart is magical!  

So, what do you wonder at?