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  • Tails, Tales & Trails towards Heaven on Earth

    5 agosto, 2019 by

    “Wisdom begins in Wonder” ~ Socrates Wonderlust ? No, it is not a typo, this blog really will highlight the animals, places, situations and experiences that have enriched my life and made me wonder at the magnificence and beauty of our Mother Earth. For long I have believed that if we attune our senses and open… Más información

  • Mother Earth

    18 agosto, 2019 by

    “The majesty of Mother Earth may be enjoyed at any time of day or night, at any moment of the year, and during any weather. It is just a matter of opening our eyes, heart and mind to her beauty & serenity, to the solace & comfort she offers us, as well as to the… Más información

  • Our intention …

    6 agosto, 2019 by

    Through our work we seek to encourage people towards appreciating, respecting and caring for Mother Earth and animals, as well as to discover lovely places around our world. We hope that our thoughts, photos, and reflections may inspire you to shine your own light & love upon all living beings. We would like to contribute… Más información

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