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  • Tails, Tales & Trails towards Heaven on Earth

    5 agosto, 2019 por

    “Wisdom begins in Wonder” ~ Socrates Wonderlust ? No, it is not a typo, this blog really will highlight the animals, places, situations and experiences that have enriched my life and made me wonder at the magnificence and beauty of our Mother Earth. For long I have believed that if we attune our senses and open… Leer más

  • Spring has Sprung

    6 abril, 2020 por

    Even as more places are going into lockdown, and the world as we know it is unfortunately consumed by the fear virus, thankfully, our beautiful Mother Earth is beginning to heal. Not only have the weeks of lockdown had a positive impact on the air, water and earth in areas of China and Italy, but… Leer más

  • Tiny Red Orchid

    13 octubre, 2019 por

    God´s infinite wisdom is constantly evident in the beauty and resilience of Mother Nature. Even tiny orchids defy gravity to grow upwards towards the life-giving sun, balanced upon delicate stalks. They open their colorful petals to share their exquisiteness with all who allow themselves to be amazed by its loveliness. Thank God for all blessings,… Leer más

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