Spring has Sprung

Even as more places are going into lockdown, and the world as we know it is unfortunately consumed by the fear virus, thankfully, our beautiful Mother Earth is beginning to heal. Not only have the weeks of lockdown had a positive impact on the air, water and earth in areas of China and Italy, but remember that this is the season when life starts to flourish, when seeds below the earth are sprouting roots and trees are full of budding flowers…. the air is beginning to change, animals and nature perceive that the time for rebirth is upon us … Nature follows its course and serves as our role model.

After winter, the time when life goes into hibernation – not just for bears – into a place and time of healing, recovery and rest, when life is growing again under the surface, just as the days are growing longer and the sun´s rays are becoming hotter, we all need to give ourselves the opportunity to go within, to seek a place of solitude, and of greater connection with our Creator, with our families, and ultimately, with ourselves.

Winter is sometimes seen as the season of death so that life may return once more during spring. However, I perceive it as a time of slumber, reflection and reconnection, one which is needed to review our dreams, what we want to create, what we desire to manifest.

If we see the beginning of spring in 2020 as the opportunity to become introspective, we shall see that God has allowed, or forced us, to go within and re-evaluate our priorities, starting with our spirituality, our love for ourselves and others – animals, nature and people – and to cherish what is truly important, what we choose, and not what society dictates.

So, if you haven´t gifted yourself with valuable Me-Time, preferably with animals or in nature .… What are you waiting for?

Spring has sprung …. When are you going to spring into action?

Publicado por Oli FarDom

Passionate traveller, animal and nature lover who is fascinated by the wonders of our beautiful Earth, and who would love to help others find their light and shine it upon our world. Angel blessings!

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