Creating your Heaven on Earth

Just like I used to, many of you possibly believe that finding Heaven came either after you left this earthly human body, or you enjoyed tremendous good luck here, and paradise simply appeared. Well, I finally understood that while in this human life we create our own Heaven on Earth … day by day, little by little.

It is usually not something that will suddenly burst upon you; rather, it is a way of looking at life with new eyes that fill with wonder at small details, rich in fulfillment, laughter and experience. This creation comes from letting yourself be amazed by the blossoming flower, the buzzing bees that flit from one flower to another, pollinating them all; by the subtle differences in shades of blue and green of a lake or sea; by cows and sheep noisily munching their way, and mowing huge fields and mountain slopes; or else by the beautiful dogs obediently watching their owners for cues to the next steps on their adventure together.

As I have become even more attuned to animals, nature, angels and fairies (with childlike wonder I do believe in them), I have noticed synchronicities and signs from above, but moreover, I have finally realised that we create our own reality; we may enjoy our own and very personal Heaven on Earth, or we may forge and live out our nightmares.

Life is much more beautiful than many people want to think. Of course, it has its ups and downs, sometimes the latter overshadow the former, but if we give ourselves the chance to learn, life´s lessons will have a deeper meaning, and will not have to be repeated over and over again until we finally get the message.

If we embrace that we are children of God, His Creation, and cherish and appreciate every opportunity, the Universe conspires to continuously give us more to be grateful for.

Publicado por Oli FarDom

Passionate traveller, animal and nature lover who is fascinated by the wonders of our beautiful Earth, and who would love to help others find their light and shine it upon our world. Angel blessings!

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  1. Casually, yesterday I was with Nala (my labrador) in the garden brushing her hair and both of us were listening the birds chirping.
    I thought, is there something more magical than this? You’re right, animals bring out the Humanity on us.

    Me gusta

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