The Natural Connection

Nowadays, when people use the word “connect”, they normally refer to technological, digital or social connection, and believe that not being connected means that you are missing out. Even more dramatically, that losing “touch” with other people may lead to being wiped out from society!

However, life has shown me that an excess of that type of connection may lead to the loss of social skills, and, could even become dangerous. Unfortunately, a screen allows people to be more daring, to think less, and to lose sensitivity.

Interacting with people keeps us human, and if we expand our connection to animals and nature, it also helps us become more Humane!

Our World urgently needs us to reconnect with nature. Just as we once were as kids, let us be awed by both Nature and Animals!

All our senses, feelings, thoughts and values are enhanced by everyday immersion in the magic of Nature, even if it is only for a few minutes. 

I invite you to never lose the God-given qualities inherent in our humanity, nor the huge and marvelous responsibility of having received the guardianship of this wondrous Earth.

Only through letting us feel and experience it, will we return to our rightful place as an integral part of the whole of Creation!

Publicado por Oli FarDom

Passionate traveller, animal and nature lover who is fascinated by the wonders of our beautiful Earth, and who would love to help others find their light and shine it upon our world. Angel blessings!

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