Our intention …

Through our work we seek to encourage people towards appreciating, respecting and caring for Mother Earth and animals, as well as to discover lovely places around our world. We hope that our thoughts, photos, and reflections may inspire you to shine your own light & love upon all living beings. We would like to contribute our grain of sand towards a better, more beautiful & more humane world, encouraging others to experience Heaven on Earth! Our planet has so many spots of great beauty that may not be as well known, so one of the things we want to share with you are precisely those places that have captured our hearts & imagination. We invite you to lovingly explore those places & those natural wonders, to see the sights & to cherish the animals, becoming aware of the unique role that we play in this world. May the Lord bless you and your loving, kind actions towards all living beings!!

Why «Wonderlust»?

«Wisdom begins in Wonder»

~ Socrates

Wonderlust ? No, it is not a typo, this blog really will highlight the animals, places, situations and experiences that have enriched my life and made me wonder at the magnificence and beauty of our Mother Earth. For long I have believed that if we attune our senses and open our hearts and minds to the wonders of God´s Creation, we can find Heaven on Earth!

When you notice the details, big or small, and the blessings that surround you, your focus switches to the positive and upbeat. Always remember to be grateful, since gratitude is the greatest step in our path of awareness and fulfillment. A light-filled and grateful heart is magical!  

So, what do you wonder at?

Where did this come from?

Ever since I was a tiny girl, travelling has been an integral part of my life. Because of my father´s career, we embarked upon one adventure after another, spanning two continents and 22 years. Regardless of how long we lived in each place, I always found unlimited opportunities to enjoy, grow and learn, thereby filling a treasure chest of memories which would ultimately impact my life, birthing a peculiar perception of our beautiful world, one of inclusion rather than exclusion.

Once I settled down and began full-time work, one of my primary considerations became travelling. Either for work or for leisure, visiting other countries, as well as viewing the land and life from the locals´ points of view, has created in me an awareness of, and respect for, the glory of Mother Earth, of God´s Creation. This warm and expansive conception of learning guides my every journey.

For me, travelling is the basis for an inner search through the outer journey to achieve bliss, peace, and to create the path towards finding my own Heaven on Earth.

We should keep in mind that appreciating the magnificence of this wonder-filled earth would never be complete without the constant presence of, and reverence for, all the animals of the world. All of the dogs, cats, horses, cows, hedgehogs, and birds who have enriched my life with their presence, have left a huge mark in my heart and soul; they have been the most loyal, loving and greatest teachers, for which I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

One way or another, all members of the animal kingdom contribute to my daily happiness; just looking at them, live or in photos, brings a smile to my face and an extra beat to my heart. How I wish everyone would give themselves the opportunity to feel as I do, and would open their hearts to them, allowing animals to fulfill our lives and accompany us on our personal path towards finding and living our own Heaven on Earth.

Although I have always found great inspiration and solace in writing, it was for my own personal enjoyment. However, the time has come for me to find my voice through creative expression, one that combines two of my greatest passions -Writing and photography – in order to portray the majesty of Mother Earth, and the magic that I find both in my daily experiences at home, as well as through my journeys.

I sincerely hope that this blog opens your heart, soul and mind to different places, people and animals around this beauteous world, and that it invites you both to follow your intuition creating your own journeys, as well as appreciating the magic and loveliness that is here for us all.

For me, the adventure has begun, my life is now focused on

Following Tails,

Creating Tales, &

Finding Trails

Towards Heaven on Earth!

My greatest wish is that you embark upon your own adventure, seeking Heaven on Earth both in your daily experiences and great travels.

May God and his Angels guide our paths,

Bring light and love into our lives,

So that we may be beacon of light for others,

Thereby fulfilling our own Paths!

So it is!